College Opportunites

Looking to start a career in the manufacturing industry? Click on any of the icons below to find out more about the educational opportunities that are right at your fingertips.  Listed below the icons are links to specific programs that the college offers, follow the links to learn more about what they have to offer!



The Weld to Work Initiative was formed to bring all three of the schools listed below together to provide a comprehensive, affordable welding education designed to quickly train students for real jobs.


Welding Maintenance and Fabrication Technical Diploma

Welding Technician Technical Diploma



Machine Tool Technician Technical Diploma

Stainless Steel Welding Technical Diploma

Welding Technical Diploma



Welding Fabrication & Robotics Associate Degree

Basic Machining Technical Diploma

Machine Tool Operation Technical Diploma

Machine Tool Technics Technical Diploma

Manufacturing Technician Technical Diploma

Welding Technical Diploma

Welding Robotic Operation Technical Diploma

Manufacturing Fundamentals Certificate

Why Should You Consider a Job in the Welding Industry

  1. In a May, 2014 survey of 36 graduates from central Wisconsin welding programs in 2013, 30 of 31 respondents found employment in the field. They earned salaries between $23,920 and $145,600, with an average of $41,948. (Note: Some graduates were previously employed in the industry.)
  2. Welders willing to travel and/or take on risk can see the world while earning very high pay.
    • Military support welders can start at $160,000 per year, and can make more than $200,000 per year working in the Middle East
    • Traveling industrial pipe welders: $50,000–$185,000 per year
    • Underwater welders: $100,000–$200,000 per year
  3. Because welders are needed in almost every industry, welders can change industries without starting a new career. Weld to Work can provide you with high-value, flexible skill sets.
    In Wisconsin alone, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects there will be 490 new job openings in welding per year through 2020.
  4. Welding can get you into a large variety of occupations in many industries, each with opportunities for advancement. Pathways and possibilities include:
    • Welding
    • Inspecting
    • Engineering
    • Robotics
    • Managing/supervising
    • Educating
    • Project Management
    • Sales
  5. New, green industries are growing quickly, and many older industries are going green. The building and retooling projects involved are increasing demand for welders, making welding an excellent “green-collar” career choice. Be ready with Weld to Work.