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Q: What is CWIMMA?

A: CWIMMA is an Industry Alliance made up primarily of Central Wisconsin’s largest employers of Welders and Machinists.

Q: Why was CWIMMA formed?

A: It is a way for metal manufacturers to take an active role in helping to address the significant shortage of available skilled Welders and Machinists available to hire in our region.

Q: Why is the shortage of Welders and Machinists a concern?

A: Most of the companies of CWIMMA cite the lack of available skilled Welders and/or Machinists as the #1 reason they can’t grow their business faster.

Q: How do CWIMMA members help address the problem? 

A: We offer facility tours, technical school scholarships, educate government officials about the degree of the skills shortage and communicate our skills needs to local educators (with a primary focus on middle schools, high schools and technical colleges).  We also assist schools and technical college to get grants and other funding to increase training opportunities for students considering careers in these fields. Also, like we are doing today, we make students aware of the great career opportunities that are available in these fields.

Q: Why chose a career in welding or machining?

A: With a very high demand for people with these skills, it gives you a great chance of quickly finding a career in your intended industry. Not only will you find a career quickly, but you will also receive above average pay. Contrary to many beliefs, the environments that you would work in are clean, modern manufacturing facilities. Also, you would have relatively lower cost of schooling and because of that greatly reduced student loans. The skills of a welder or a machinist are very “portable”; there is a high demand for jobs locally, but there is also a high demand for the same skills across the country.